Strategic Summary and Challenge

Strategic Summary and Challenge

Christ's strategic design encompasses all who would accept His invitation to come and become part of Him, sovereign Lord with all authority, and His family, the family of God. The elements of the design make up the same elements in the action plan. As part of a disciple's normal day-to-day life, make and build new disciples. Baptize the new disciples in an all encompassing, love and obedient relationship with Christ. Teach them to be obedient to all Christ taught and did so the new disciples will become disciple makers. To secure the design, Christ put His ever present Spirit into the middle of the design to provide all that is needed.

Christian organizations face uncertain times. Throughout time since Christ delivered His Great Commission, congregations and disciples have struggled with uncertainty. Yet through it all, Christ called His disciples to a life--while still full of uncertainty--bears the unchanging nature of an unchanging Lord with an unchanging strategic design and plan. The design has not changed since the day Christ provided it. The plan Christ uses to implement His design has not changed. Christ's design-plan, the only truly critical element in life, remains secure; an anchor in times of storm because He remains with us.

by Allen Quist

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