The Spirit Driven Church

Our Prayer for The Spirit Driven Church

Allen Quist and Tim RobnettGod is offering an Abundant Life

We have been praying that God would use The Spirit Driven Church in two ways. First, that he would use it as a wake-up call to the church that God is offering to individuals and congregations an abundant life of adventure, passion, and faith. Second, that he would teach us how infinite and enduring is his love for us. How strongly he wants us to crucify or abandon all that holds us so tightly to our safety and routine. How he is calling to us, "[insert your name or the name of your church], where are you?" This is the same call he made to Adam after Adam and Eve decided to try to make life work without God.

God is commited to the Success of the Good News

Our promise is to present our heart to you, the reader; to give to you hope that you and your congregation can have a life filled with adventure that requires a growing faith; and to show you and your congregation that God is not committed to your success or the success of your church, but to the success of his Good News, and that he will use you in a greater way if you will let him.

God's Glory in Your life

We have provided discussion points at the end of each chapter of The Spirit Driven Church to help you get into the material individually and as a leadership team.

May God bless and use this material for his purposes, help church leadership find His Spirit, and for His glory in your life and the life of your congregation.

Listen to God's Heart

Someone told me once that the Christian walk can be boiled down to two movements of the heart: a radical willingness to really hear God and the necessary radical willingness to obey--no matter what. This is the Spirit-driven Church. Far too often do we, the evangelical church, do homage to our own skills and efforts at the expense of really listening to God's Spirit. Dr. Tim Robnett and Allen Quist's new book, The Spirit Driven Church: God's Plan for Revitalizing Your Ministry will guide you into that willingness to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit's call.

--Rev. Bill Senyard

Senior pastor, Peace Valley Community Church, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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