The Spirit Driven Healthy Church

You and/or your healthy church already live and lead within God's Spirit-driven agenda and you search for ways to serve Him more.

You are here now because you desire to be used by God more. You recognize the tension between the Spirit's control and the power of the flesh and you desire to always choose the Spirit and to help other people and congregations to do the same. It would seem that your congregation is a model and resource to your community. We pray God will employ you and your congregation within your community as His tool to revitalize struggling congregations, of which there are many.

If you desire to examine some of the difficulties many churches experience, check out the following:

  • Church battles

  • Declining attendance

  • Declining participation

  • Factions within the body

  • Reluctance to change

  • Power struggles

  • Protected but dying ministries

  • Immorality within the congregation or church leadership

What can you and your congregation do to help?

We ask you to share some of your solutions to any of the above problems with us.

Church battles:

Contact Peacemakers at for resources and committ to forming a trained mediation team.

Declining attendance:

Evaluate the amount of room available for people in your facililty.

What is the ratio of church leaders to non-leaders in your congregation?

Is your Christian leadership development real and effective in preparing youth into future leaders?

The Kingdom of God

I believe if church leaders and members would embrace the principles discussed in "The Spirit Driven Church", there would be an explosive growth and expansion of the Kingdom of God beyond anything we could imagine.

--Rick Battershell

CPA, Federal Way, Washington

Church Leaders

There is a sad tendency to think that church leaders must choose between the spiritual and the practical. Quist and Robnett demonstrate that spiritual is practical! They believe that Spirit motivated ministry is the most sensible ministry of all. Their matter of fact approach to serious subjects (like money management) is balanced with a generous ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Read this book to stay on target spiritually. Read The Spirit Driven Church to serve Christ faithfully.

--Matt Hannan

Senior Pastor, New Heights Church, Vancouver, Washington

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