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Here are some of the endorsements from church leadership and other leaders The Spirit Driven Church has received.

Church leaders

The Spirit Driven Church provides a reminder that biblical church growth only occurs through God-empowered leadership. Church leaders who have decried the modern technocratic approaches to church ministry will find the spiritually attuned approach of Timothy Robnett and Allen Quist refreshing. By focusing attention on the leader's and congregation's need to "walk by faith," the authors call churches back to a spiritual dynamic of listening with receptive hearts for God's direction. The adventure of following a God-directed ministry path leads naturally to practical leadership and management applications in the local church, but applications that arise from the church's relationship to Jesus Christ. Read this book with your heart and your notebook. Both will be touched.

Gary L. McIntosh, Ph.D.
Professor, Christian Ministry & Leadership Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Biblical Based Leadership

Robnett and Quist do an admirable job of presenting biblical-based leadership for the church in a clear and understandable fashion. The book is a must-read for all church leaders -- pastors and lay leaders. The concepts presented are solid and foundational to building a thriving transformational church. Keep the book close to your desk and read it often.

Bruce E. Winston, PhD,
Dean, School of Leadership Studies, Regent University

Church that has Internal Tension

Finding a church that is united, growing and impacting lives for eternity is not impossible. Finding a church that has internal tension, unhappy people and divided loyalties is all too common. Everyone wants to be a part of the former; no one wants to be a part of the latter. Yet, people make up both. How can we perpetuate the former? Robnett and Quist are on to something. It is not merely novel, but it is remarkably profound. Their solution is poignantly biblical, theologically consistent, and spiritually convincing. All of us in ministry should not only read this volume, we should put it into practice, and the church that everyone desires to call home will be realized.

--Dr. Bruce Fong, President, Michigan Theological Seminary

Spirit Filled Leaders

It is unusual to read a book on leadership that so commands your attention. The authors adroitly weave real stories and experiences into exhortations to look to godly, Spirit filled leaders to enable churches to be a transforming force in the world. This fresh view of leadership and management emphasizes the work of God in forming the character of the leader. It is not just a book on "how to do leadership" but a "how do be a spirit-filled leader." The Spirit Driven Church is a must read for church leaders and administrators.

--Dr. Donald L. Brake, Dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary, Portland, Oregon

Biblical Servant Leadership

The Spirit Driven Church is a fresh expression of how genuine biblical servant leadership will enhance the 21st century church. The authors' emphasis on spirit led leaders who allow God to form the culture of their churches will foster renewal and transformation of ministries. It is fantastic to see in print what I have heard these men talk about, experience and teach in classrooms and seminars. All church leaders will be able to enrich their ministry with the wisdom in this book.

--Dr. Larry Ayers, Former President of Western Seminary (retired), Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Management, Multnomah Biblical Seminary, Portland, Oregon

Truths of Spiritual Leadership

Timothy Robnett and Allen Quist demonstrate through Central Evangelical Church their keen insight into what is happening in the typical North American church early in the twenty-first century. I like the way they both tell and use the story of Central Church to teach us the truths of spiritual leadership.

--Aubrey Malphurs, Professor of Pastoral Ministries, President of the Malphurs Group

Spiritual is Practical!

There is a sad tendency to think that church leaders must choose between the spiritual and the practical. Quist and Robnett demonstrate that spiritual is practical! They believe that Spirit motivated ministry is the most sensible ministry of all. Their matter of fact approach to serious subjects (like money management) is balanced with a generous ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Read this book to stay on target spiritually. Read The Spirit Driven Church to serve Christ faithfully.

--Matt Hannan, Senior Pastor, New Heights Church, Vancouver, Washington

Obey the Holy Spirit's Call

Someone told me once that the Christian walk can be boiled down to two movements of the heart: a radical willingness to really hear God and the necessary radical willingness to obey--no matter what. This is the Spirit-driven Church. Far too often do we, the evangelical church, do homage to our own skills and efforts at the expense of really listening to God's Spirit. Dr. Tim Robnett and Allen Quist's new book, The Spirit Driven Church: God's Plan for Revitalizing Your Ministry will guide you into that willingness to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit's call.

--Rev. Bill Senyard, senior pastor, Peace Valley Community Church, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Church Leadership

If you've only got the time to read one book on church leadership, walk The Spirit Driven Church to the checkout counter. The authors have managed to bundle in one volume such critical leadership issues as divine empowerment, biblical mandates, the soul of the leader, the fear-factor, and the craft of vision-mission-plan. This is a leader-read for heart and mind.

--Timothy Walton, founding and senior pastor of the Snohomish Community Church, Snohomish, Washington

Christian Leadership Book

I want to applaud the authors for stepping in to fill a gaping hole in leadership books for the church. There are more than enough Christian leadership books on the market. But there are very few that genuinely seek to start with deep dependence on God and move all the way to practical implementation without somehow transitioning to a control orientation or "self-dependent" use of management principles. Tim and Allen do a remarkable job. Use The Spirit Driven Church but keep your dependence on God!

--Paul Rhoads, Executive Vice-President for Church Resource Ministries

Resource for Leaders and Churches Worldwide

The Spirit Driven Church is a must read for those giving direction to a local church. Going beyond models of leadership, the authors share foundational principles of how God wants to lead His church. These concepts transcend cultural boundaries, making this book a valuable resource for leaders and churches worldwide. As a mentor and church growth consultant in Latin America, I will be making Spirit Driven Church part of my toolkit!

--Tom Nunziato, Missionary, Church Resource Ministries, Caracas, Venezuela

Church Leader

I loved the real life analogies that are woven into The Spirit Driven Church! These are a means to uncovering blind spots that professionals and church leaders need to discover in order to follow the leading of the Spirit. I recommend this book to any church leader and in particular anyone considering church leadership.

--Dennis A. Long, President & CEO of Pacific Financial Corporation

Heart of the Master

What stands out in The Spirit Driven Church is Timothy and Allen's passion and desire for the church to be truly His Church. Their call is for a genuine self-assessment of what we unintentionally and unfortunately have allowed many of our churches to become: ineffectual organizations operating on our own power and focused on our own agendas. A timely call for the church to listen to the heart of the Master.

--Randy Poon, Director General, Strategic Policy and Management Department of Canadian Heritage, Ottawa, Ontario

Church and it's Leaders

The Spirit Driven Church brings focus to the key question for each church and its leaders: Are we doing what God is telling us to do in the way that God is telling us to do it? Tim Robnett and Allen Quist provide balanced, biblical and practical insight for finding and then implementing the answer to that question. The principles in this book will transform the life and ministry of any church that puts them into practice.

--Troy Anderson, General Counsel, The City Church, Seattle, Washington

The Kingdom of God

I believe if church leaders and members would embrace the principles discussed in The Spirit Driven Church, there would be an explosive growth and expansion of the Kingdom of God beyond anything we could imagine.

--Rick Battershell, CPA, Federal Way, Washington

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