The Spirit Driven Church

You are curious about The Spirit Driven Church.

We suggest you start by examining what others are saying about The Spirit Driven Church.

Next, read the provided portion of a chapter provided and perhaps even download the entire chapter.

Third, look at the various types of struggles other churches are having while asking whether any of those problems look familiar in your church.

  • Church battles

  • Declining attendance

  • Declining participation

  • Factions within the body

  • Reluctance to change

  • Power struggles

  • Protected but dying ministries

  • Immorality within the congregation or leadership

Finally, asking God if The Spirit Driven Church provides insight into how He wants your church to move.

Listen to God's Heart

Someone told me once that the Christian walk can be boiled down to two movements of the heart: a radical willingness to really hear God and the necessary radical willingness to obey--no matter what. This is the Spirit-driven Church. Far too often do we, the evangelical church, do homage to our own skills and efforts at the expense of really listening to God's Spirit. Dr. Tim Robnett and Allen Quist's new book, The Spirit Driven Church: God's Plan for Revitalizing Your Ministry will guide you into that willingness to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit's call.

--Rev. Bill Senyard

Senior pastor, Peace Valley Community Church, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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