The Spirit Driven Church

You and/or your church struggles to continuously embrace God's Spirit-driven agenda.

Aubrey Malphurs in his book entitled Advanced Strategic Management writes that over 80% of churches are in a state of plateu or decline. That means that plateued or declining churches make up the majority.

What is the cause of plateu or decline in (struggling) churches?


Declining jobs within a community

A building that has reached its capacity

Too few leaders for the level of need

What Paul calls "the flesh."

The Flesh:

We argue that the symptoms of the flesh within a congregation include, but are not limited to, the following struggles:

  • Church battles

  • Declining attendance

  • Declining participation

  • Factions within the body

  • Reluctance to change

  • Church Power struggles

  • Protected but dying ministries

  • Immorality within the congregation or leadership

We argue that the cause of the above symptoms begins with christian leaders and congregations trying to make life work without God, otherwise known as "not walking in the Spirit" which Paul addressed in chapter 5 of his letter to the Galatians. Paul refers to "not walking in the Spirit" as "the flesh." The difficulty continues when people put all their attention on the symptoms at the exclusion of the cause, which is the flesh in control.

You are here now because you desire to be used by God as He renews you and your congregation. Since we have the same desire, we invite you to begin by reading a FREE portion of a chapter and check out the comments of our endorsers. You may find God will use The Spirit Driven Church message to help you revitalize your life and ministry.

Church Struggles - Internal Tension

Finding a church that is united, growing and impacting lives for eternity is not impossible. Finding a church that has internal tension, unhappy people and divided loyalties is all too common. Everyone wants to be a part of the former; no one wants to be a part of the latter. Yet, people make up both. How can we perpetuate the former? Robnett and Quist are on to something. It is not merely novel, but it is remarkably profound. Their solution is poignantly biblical, theologically consistent, and spiritually convincing. All of us in ministry should not only read this volume, we should put it into practice, and the church that everyone desires to call home will be realized.

--Dr. Bruce Fong

President, Michigan Theological Seminary

Heart of the Master

What stands out in "The Spirit Driven Church" is Timothy and Allen's passion and desire for the church to be truly His Church. Their call is for a genuine self-assessment of what we unintentionally and unfortunately have allowed many of our churches to become: ineffectual organizations operating on our own power and focused on our own agendas. A timely call for the church to listen to the heart of the Master.

--Randy Poon

Director General, Strategic Policy and Management Department of Canadian Heritage, Ottawa, Ontario

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