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Church Leadership Book

If you've only got the time to read one book on church leadership, walk The Spirit Driven Church to the checkout counter. The authors have managed to bundle in one volume such critical church leadership issues as divine empowerment, biblical mandates, the soul of the leader, the fear-factor, and the craft of vision-mission-plan. This is a leader-read for heart and mind.

--Timothy Walton, founding and senior pastor

Snohomish Community Church, Snohomish, Washington

"...making The Spirit Driven Church part of my toolkit!"

The Spirit Driven Church is a must read for those giving direction to a local church. Going beyond models of church leadership, the authors share foundational principles of how God wants to lead His church. These concepts transcend cultural boundaries, making this book a valuable resource for leaders and churches worldwide. As a mentor and church growth consultant in Latin America, I will be making The Spirit Driven Church part of my toolkit!

--Tom Nunziato, Missionary

Church Resource Ministries, Caracas, Venezuela

Korean version of The Spirit Driven ChurchThe Spirit Driven Church has also been translated into Korean.

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