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Christian Leadership Book

I want to applaud the authors for stepping in to fill a gaping hole in leadership books for the church. There are more than enough Christian leadership books on the market. But there are very few that genuinely seek to start with deep dependence on God and move all the way to practical implementation without somehow transitioning to a control orientation or "self-dependent" use of management principles. Tim and Allen do a remarkable job. Use The Spirit Driven Church but keep your dependence on God!

--Paul Rhoads,

Executive Vice-President for Church Resource Ministries

The Spirit Driven Church

Why This Book, The Spirit Driven Church?

Message for Struggling Churches

Many churches today are besieged with conflicts, factions, declining attendance, declining giving, declining participation, and increasing struggles with immorality and divorce. Perhaps your congregation is one of them. If so, through the authors and nearly fifty other people, God has provided the book entitled The Spirit Driven Church to help you.

Christian Leadership, Church Management, and God's Ownership

The purpose of "The Spirit Driven Church" is to examine what Scripture says about Christian leadership and church management explicitly and implicitly. We intend to show how Scripture relates to "walking by the Spirit," God's ownership, our role as servants and stewards, and God's children--all issues of faith. We want you to discover, as we have, that the control of the Spirit, our love relationship with God, and the life of faith are central to all aspects church leadership and church management.

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Spirit led or Spirit driven leadership

Churches are dying in record numbers around the world. Will it simply take the latest trends and more training to breathe life back into these dying churches? No, the alternative is a Spirit led or Spirit driven church leadership directed by the One who knows all the options and the best way to go. Methods change, but the Holy Spirit never does.

This book is for every church member who knows that the church is struggling and wants God to lead them back to a thriving community.

"...making The Spirit Driven Church part of my toolkit!"

The Spirit Driven Church is a must read for those giving direction to a local church. Going beyond models of church leadership, the authors share foundational principles of how God wants to lead His church. These concepts transcend cultural boundaries, making this book a valuable resource for leaders and churches worldwide. As a mentor and church growth consultant in Latin America, I will be making The Spirit Driven Church part of my toolkit!

--Tom Nunziato, Missionary

Church Resource Ministries, Caracas, Venezuela

Introduction to The Spirit Driven Church

Christian Leaders

We thank God for Ray C. Stedman, Joe Aldrich, Luis Palau, and other wonderful Christian leaders and mentors who have demonstrated to us the truth of Jesus' words:

You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all (Mark 10:42-44).

Spirit Led or Spirit Driven

According to Jesus, Spirit led or spirit driven believers and Christian leaders are first and foremost a "slave of all."

What does it mean to be Spirit-led or Spirit-driven? It is the opposite of doing things our own way. For instance, the Spirit of the Lord works in highly personal ways, but most of us want to use the latest methods. The Holy Spirit primarily focuses on transformation of the soul, but most of us seek the approval of others.

Ministry of the Spirit of God

Through thirty years of vocational Christian ministry I (Tim) hate to admit how much has been the work of my flesh, not the ministry of the Spirit of God.

Still, I stand amazed that God is doing a wonderful work in our world today! He is building his church. People are being reached with the Gospel. Individuals, families, churches, cities, and nations are discovering in new ways the life of Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Holy Spirit of God.

Filled by the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Along with coauthor Allen Quist, I long for more of my every moment to be filled by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. I long for churches to be aware and empowered by the Lord of the church leading and freeing the church to enjoy his presence.

God has used Allen and me to serve the church through gifts of administration. It is our experience that those gifted in this way are often viewed as somehow void of the Spirit's working and power. It is as if the Holy Spirit empowers counselors with discernment, preachers with eloquence, evangelists with persuasion, but leaves other leaders to work in the flesh.

Our perspective is that the flesh (as described by the apostle Paul in the book of Galatians) potentially works through any Christian given to that power. Likewise, we believe the Spirit works in all believers.

It is our conviction that there is a tremendous need in the church today for those gifted in administration to be filled by the Spirit of Christ and to be allowed to serve the church with their giftedness so that, as Paul said to the churches of his day, the church may be orderly and productive (Titus 1:5; 1 Cor. 14:39-40).

Voice of the Spirit of Jesus Christ

After serving as a pastor for more than a decade, working in evangelism with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association worldwide for more than a dozen years, and teaching at a biblical seminary for eight years, I (Tim) have discovered what I believe the church needs to rediscover: a life lived without (apart from) the filling of the Holy Spirit is highly conflicted and unproductive for the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Our desire, then, is to call the church back to exploring and obeying the voice of the Spirit of Jesus Christ in what we do and how we live and serve the church. Our prayer is that we may discover or rediscover the joy of the filling of the Spirit as a community of believers.

If I were God, I would fire me!

Many people have asked me (Allen) why I left banking, went to seminary, and dedicated so much of my time to ministry. Frankly, when I get tired, I sometimes ask myself the same question! Usually, though, I am having the time of my life.

One day, I was driving home from my day of work at the bank thinking about performance appraisals and I wondering what it would look like if I received one from God. I decided that, if I were God, I would fire me! I was busy doing stuff for God, but I was not in a hearing relationship with him. My thoughts were frequently about me doing well. I tried to be a spiritual hero in my story rather than a pawn in God's story. It was devastating--a time to do something drastic. My wife and I sold the stuff we did not need, including our house, and jumped in over our heads at seminary. We did not do it to get better at "doing stuff for God," but to let him teach us to live in him. That began our exciting adventure.

Church Management Training

What is God doing now? Through attorney Troy Anderson, CPA Rick Battershell, and me, God launched a ministry to provide legal, tax, and management training for churches. God sends me church leaders who, like my wife and me, recognize that their individual lives or the life of their church is not working well and want help--usually through a leadership retreat. Jesus Christ varies my days with a peppering of opportunities, such as working with a church plant, as well as counseling, coaching, mentoring, and assisting new works for God. Now we believe God wants to use us to bring a message to the churches and church leaders through this book.

Churches in a Condition of Plateau or Decline

As Tim and I got to know each other and started spending many hours together a few years ago, we discovered that we have a common burden for the church of America. We hurt with the eighty percent of churches that are in a condition of plateau or decline (Win Arn). These churches either are not aware of their condition or they are aware and don't know the cause or the way out.

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Table of Contents for The Spirit Driven Church

Foreword by Luis Palau

Part One: Who Is Leading the Church?
Chapter 1: From Death to Life
Chapter 2: Pull of Conflicting Affections
Chapter 3: Discovering a Loving and Transforming God
Chapter 4: Spiritual Leadership

Part Two: Principles of Spirit-led Leadership and Management
Chapter 5: Hearing God
Chapter 6: Loving People, Not Using People
Chapter 7: When God Says No
Chapter 8: A Good Kind of Fear
Chapter 9: Helping Others Deal with Fear
Chapter 10: Making Tough Decisions

Part Three: Implementation of Leading in the Spirit
Chapter 11: A Pathway for the Holy Spirit's Leadership
Chapter 12: What God Has in Mind
Chapter 13: Planning
Chapter 14: Organizing the Team
Chapter 15: Spirit-led Implementation: Faith in Action
Chapter 16: Renewing People and Ministry

Appendix: A Pathway for the Leading of God's Spirit
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