Allen Quist

Dr. Allen Henry Quist

Few men are more passionate and articulate about godly, biblical church management and leadership than Allen Quist

--Dr. Don Brake

Dean and vice president of Multnomah Biblical Seminary

Allen QuistAllen's passion has developed from many years of experiences, beginning when Allen was a young boy. He first learned leadership from his father, who challenged him never to be a quitter. With this strong foundation, Allen went on to attend Washington State University, marry his college sweetheart, and begin a family and a thirty-five year career in banking.

Besides graduating from Pacific Coast Banking School and Northwest Agricultural Credit School, Allen spent much of his last two decades in banking developing valuable leadership skills through managing small business lending activities, leading a region of twenty-four retail branches, and helping manage change and transition up to and through two bank mergers.

During the later years of his banking career, Allen began participating in foreign missions and ministry related activities. In 1998, feeling called to focus on his growing hunger to know Jesus Christ more deeply, Allen left his banking career to complete a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies in 2002 at Multnomah University.

Allen Quist is now a retired adjunct faculty member at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon, and has recently completed his Doctor of Strategic Leadership at Regent University.

Along with Rick Battershell, CPA, and Troy Anderson, an attorney, Allen co-founded Ministry Management Seminars, a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping church leaders on matters of accounting, law, financial management, strategic planning, conflict mediation, leadership refocusing, and church re-birthing.
Allen helps church leaders intentionally adopt a Christian leadership model dependent on God's leading. As opportunities open, he shares his passion for leadership in other countries.

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Jesus' Strategic Planning: As Seen in Matthew 28:16-20

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